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Manu Jagmohan Singh
Assiduous, lively, enormously talented and wonderful persona Mr. Manu Jagmohan Singh as the new Secretary General is all set to embark his new and enthusiastic voyage of Shiromani Institute, a non-profit voluntary organisation of intellectuals, thinkers and social workers, endeavouring to promote national development and also purposeful research on Indian life, culture, history, economy and society. It is aimed to project the image of the Indians by highlighting their role in the struggle for freedom, in the defence of Motherland and in the field of science and technology, industry, commerce, sports and various professional spheres. It is consistent promoter of all round economic development of India's national integration and secular state.
The Institute promotes the ideal of national unity, religious tolerance and communal harmony. So, while selecting the Awardees, their contribution towards promoting this ideal in different ways is given due consideration. Through these Awards the Institute tries to project secularism at its best as to revitalize unwavering faith in national unity and human brotherhood.
The Institute stands for Indian Renewal in all spheres. India is like a garden of variety It has no barren desert of uniformity. We, therefore, place our firm faith in the ideal of unity in diversity.....
The assiduous personality Mr. Singh is also working as the New Secretary General of NRI Institute, a Non-Profit NGO registered body of Peoples of Indian Origin founded in the Year 1989. The diligent Mr. Singh is well aware of the huge responsibilities of the eminent organization founded by his illustrious father the Late Sardar Jagmohan Singh. Besides he is Editor-in-Chief of NRI Achievers-Doing India Proud, India's only Quarterly magazine covering the interests of non-resident Indians and the one that celebrates the achievements of Peoples of Indian Origin settled on foreign soil. NRI Institute promotes NRI investments in India and paves the way in this regard with an effective approach towards the Government and other authorities. The institute highlights the achievements of NRIs and PIOs in their chosen field of activities. Since 1989, the Institute has so far organized 50 conferences – a record of 22 International Conferences in India, 10 in London UK, 4 in Dubai and one each in Bangkok, Singapore, Bahrain, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, California. The Institute has also organized several successful Symposia on specific issues from time to time at the National and International level in India and abroad.
As the lively Secretary General Mr. Manu Jagmohan Singh is also shouldering the multiple errands of Global Punjabi Society, A forum which celebrates the achievements of Indians in general and Punjabis in particular living in India and Abroad and honor them for the pride they have brought to their Motherland, as progress of Punjab is consistent with the progress and development of India.
And a diligent and dedicated towards success and achievements Mr. Singh is simultaneously working on as the youngest Editor-in-Chief of Real Estate Observer, a leading realty monthly magazine which has earned an undisputable reputation as one of the most well-conceived real estate publication. The Magazine in a short span has featured all major companies, events, news and newsmakers. Through perspectives of industry experts the Magazine has covered the exclusive news as it happens and analysis of real estate business and current affairs, providing authoritative insight and opinion on realty news, business, finance, sustainability issues as well as overviews of industry trends. Real Estate Observer has come out with many articles from the realty world and month after month has always strived to give the right perspective to its distinguished readers.
Under his dynamic and youthful guidance NRI Institute is bound to cover many a mile and look forward towards bringing the NRIs still closer to their Motherland. Along with this Global Punjabi Society and Real Estate Observer are bound to reach the newer heights of success.
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