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Jagmohan Singh had an illustrious career in journalism, coupled with the most dynamic performance in several business ventures. He's seen as the pioneer in bringing the diaspora together and has introduced the very concept of NRI to India and the Global Indian community. Known for his great public relationship skills and acknowledged widely for his multiple abilities … Jagmohan Singh's professional life boasts of a blend of innovation, creativeness and success.
Jagmohan Singh was the enterprising son of the late Sardar Durlab Singh, a veteran freedom fighter and a doyen among journalists, who is recognized till date as the man who brought courage and truth to journalism in India and is still a name to reckon with in the Indian press.
The father's rare courage and charisma rubbed of on the son's personality and added to his many skills and talents that had enabled him foray successfully in numerous ventures. Having graduated in the profession with the family's popular Newsweekly - Indian Observer - Jagmohan Singh contributed numerous articles in various leading daily newspapers on business and politics and remained busy in the field of active journalism, which incidentally translated into a passion for publishing in the recent times.
Carving his niche in years of dedicated contribution to the print media, Jagmohan Singh was running a popular media house in India by the name of BIB Media Private Limited. Here again, he was accredited with introducing unique and successful magazines to the Indian and world readership. As the publisher and managing director of the Publishing House Jagmohan Singh has left no stone unturned in ensuring the commercial success of all his ventures coupled with high quality publishing and an impeccable standard of journalism. In the capacity of an editor-in chief, he's been consistently focusing on the most creative and intelligent work in the magazines. The Magazines are :- Real Estate Observer (a leading monthly on the realty world); NRI Achievers – Doing India Proud (a magazine dedicated to the thriving and successful Indian Diaspora). Both magazines are the first ever introduced concepts and have been winning a significant amount of appreciation from the world over.
Jagmohan Singh was popular with the world Indian community and recognized by his countrymen for having founded the NRI Institute in the Year 1989. The concept was his brainchild and has been running remarkably well over the last many years. The NRI Institute over many years of dedicated service initiates the bringing together Indians and Non-Resident Indians on a common platform in order to strengthen the relationship between the two. NRI Institute and the concept of NRI Divas are the original ideas of this man, who had everything that builds bonding between India and overseas Indians. As the Founder Secretary General of the Institute, Jagmohan Singh was responsible in setting up Chapters in UK, USA, Canada, Angola, Muscat, Thailand, Seychelles, Australia, Madagascar, Dubai, Switzerland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore Washington DC and the latest in Uganda and has so far organised 35 International Conferences in India and abroad.
Jagmohan Singh's business activities stretched to real estate development in Delhi and Fashion Stores in Delhi and Punjab. A widely travelled man, he was profoundly associated with a number of Government and Educational Committees besides many social, cultural and economic Organisations. He was also well connected with some of the most powerful and influential people in India and had a vast number of friendly relationships with NRIs from various countries. Soft-spoken and industrious, Jagmohan Singh had several noteworthy associates in the political, business, real estate and art circles and is widely respected and recognized for his unique skills and wide ranging professional and social activities.
Jagmohan Singh was facing some serious medical problems on the health front for the last couple of months and had to be admitted in the hospital on 1st of July and having put up a brave fight breathed his last on 11th of July 2012.
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